Radio host, television host, writer, actor and TV producer. @

Most of my broadcast, professional and hospitality career(s) have focused on culinary arts, spirits, wine, beer and travel.
Best known for work on Food Network’s: The Thirsty Traveler and Iron Chef America, Discovery Channel’s: MegaWorld and TVO Kids.
Also, I’m a paid educator and public speaker. My expertise is on the topics of cuisine, libations, mixology, hospitality and the F&B industry.
I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel the world learning about food, spirits, wine and beer.
In doing so I’ve cultivated relationships with many high-profile chefs, critics and restaurateurs around the world; who believe I’d make a valuable asset to any restaurant or bar.
Known as a “celebrity bartender/ mixologist”, I have competed in and judged many, major cocktail competitions around the world.
Several of my proprietary cocktail recipes have been purchased by multiple international companies, such as the Fairmont (Empress, Banff, Jasper Park) and by others such as:  Campari. Absolut, Jameson, Kahlua, Carolans, David’s Tea et al.