Diretor de Departamento, Câmara Municipal do Funchal @

Was born in Funchal, Madeira, in 1974. He has a degree in Management Informatics from the University of Minho since 1998. In that same year he starts his professional activity in Lisbon at the CPCIS – Companhia Portuguesa de Computadores, Informática e Sistemas (Portuguese Company on Computers, Informatics and Systems), where he was responsible for the implementation and management of ERP (GIAF) for SME’s and Public Administration. He returns to Funchal in 1999 and after a small experience in the company Serform, he enters Ricmade company to manage their Software Department. In those years he gets extensive experience in the implementation and management of software projects for the hostelling and services sector. From 2002 to 2015 he worked as an Informatics Specialist at Funchal City Hall, where he was responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the internal ERP. In february 2015 he assumes the leadership of the Information Systems Division a the City Hall. He posses vast experience as a teacher on Informatic Applications in entities such as Professional School Cristóvão Colombo, RAMFORMA, Espaço Diálogo and PROINOV.
Since December 2016 he is the director of Human Resources and Administrative Modernization Department of the Funchal City Hall.