Wavecom / Citibrain establishes partnership with Smart Funchal 2017

Wavecom, a wireless products and solutions company establishes a partnership with Smart Funchal 2017. Founded in 2000, Wavecom is an engineering of communications company based in Aveiro, Portugal. It develops creative and innovative solutions to several areas, in particular to urban management and development, through their participation in the renowned technological consortium Citibrain.

Citibrain is a consortium specialised in creating smart solutions for global challenges. Also based in Aveiro, Portugal, the consortium’s main purpose is to create desirable places to live, improving the cities quality of life and consequently, that of its citizens. Creativity, knowledge and innovation are at the core of Citibrain’s strategy. Today, the consortium is focused on growth initiatives – Future Internet and Smart Cities – all while keeping the global environment and urban lifestyle in mind.

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